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It was finally about time to find some time to travel for leisure, apart from the regularly business trips that Thelxia and I use to make on a monthly basis.. Well, Rome was everything I needed that precise moment… Dreamy place, yummy food (Everyone who knows me, knows what a huge pasta lover I am) and amazing shopping –talking about the ultimate window-browsing experience!
Talking about the least mentioned, window shopping becomes an art there as haute couture shops are housed in historic buildings with contemporary design. Without a shadow of doubt, brand shopping in Rome is done in the three famous streets of Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, and Via Frattina. Of course traditional vintage boutiques with pre-owned treasures are absolutely worth visit.
For those of you that are planning to visit Roma soon, I highly recommend you to spend at least one day in the neighboring town Florence (approx. 1h20min by train – around 70Euros aller retour). As they say, “No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to Florence”, and I completely agree. Florence is the pioneering centre of the Italian Renaissance and it is really interesting to spend at least a day strolling through its streets to gaze and admire its monuments, churches, palazzos and more.

Not much to say, I definitely think the pictures speak for themselves!

love, A x