No woman ever underestimated the importance of a long lasting lipstick! Whether it’s an interview or a night out, the last thing you
want to worry about is your lipstick pulling the fade away..Fading lip color is something we’ve also dealt with..but now this nightmare came to an end for us!

Arcancil MAT HYSTERIA lipsticks not only combine matte finish and unbeatable 12 hrs lasting (oh YES!!), but also offer high coverage and non-drying smooth finishing. -I SWEAR-, I wear it early morning and i can difficultly take it off at nights.

Do dare to experiment with their different colours ladies, beyond your nude basic, or burgundy party one.. Here are our
current favourites.. I (Andreana) chose the RED SALSA (No 165), that upgrades my casual everyday looks and adds extra
glam to my party outfits. I (Thelxia) chose the BRUN TWIST (No 515), that perfectly fits my rock attires.

Kisses (without lipstick fading),
The Ponytails. x

PS. You can find our Limited edition lips in selected Pharmacies all over Cyprus and Ermarolla StyleBar