Are you planning an express getaway? After sooo many business short trips on a monthly basis, we think we became “masters” on choosing the travel essentials.We hope you find our picks useful and feel free to recommend us yours!




It is very important to choose a travel storage organizer with proper size and shape that fits all of your cosmetics and body care. The thing is also to choose a waterproof one to avoid any accidents! We were so excited to find out that Fresh Line includes this amazing waterproof neceser in the “Nectar” travelsize product package! 🙂


1. Body Care: It takes ages for a woman to choose the perfect shower gel and body lotion, and it is crucial for her to use it also when abroad.. Here is the solution to the 100ml liquid travel restriction! THE FRESH BEAUTY BAR in Fresh Line stores gives you the chance of choosing the bottle size of your fav product you want to purchase (honey body milk,shower gel and soap).Find also there much more ready made travel sized products (Persephone body milk and shower gel). And believe us, these are value for money products!


2. Face Care: Face wash is a MUST. And if you travel you have an extra reason to protect your skin from air pollution. Our FAVORITE face and neck cream is the “Nectar” one and we highly recommend it for every normal-skined woman. (serum can offer extra hydration for the care-freaks like us)


3. Hand care: We couldn’t avoid mentioning our mini sized but long lasting “Royal Gold” oil-perfume and the chained gold MVMT watch suitable to every outfit, day and night. Hand hydration is important especially in winter!


4. Hair Care You may know how important our hair is for us.Essentials to our trips are of course our natural hair products together with our hand sized comp.



Well, if you plan to walk a lot, the shoes have to definitely be “the Ultra Boost” by Adidas. Although, army-booties -especially those with short heel- are a smart option to avoid high heels for a night out during holidays.



Bagpacks are with no doubt the perfect bag for trips: so fashionable and so useful as well. Choose one with zipped-pockets to keep your personal belongings safe!



A leather jacket is a must when you are travelling in winter..Save space in your bag by bringing with you only one jacket suitable for casual and formal attires.


THE PILLOW When it comes to express-trips, time is money…and a neck-pillow will allow you to rest during the flights.


ACCESSORIES: Accessories like pocket sized wallets and gloves will definitely make your life easier. Don’t forget your smart-phone to upload your best moments!


THE PLACE: If your destination is Athens… “360 degrees hotel” in Monastiraki square is the place to stay… Great hospitality and environment!


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Soooo Bon Voyage!
Love, The Ponytails. x