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We all need a touch of freshness, especially those demanding days during XMAS period. That doesn’t necessarily mean to spend a treasure on expensive masks and ages in the huge queues of the beauty stores those busy days. The masters of organic cosmetics in Fresh Line Cyprus gave us the recipe of an amazing face mask made exclusively by products we all have at home! Voila!


•One glass of milk

•Two spoons of olive oil

•One banana

•One spoon of honey

•Some drops of pomegranate essential oil or fresh pomegranate

•One soup spoon corn flower

•Three soup spoons starch


We first put all the liquids into the mixer. Then we add starch, corn flower and pieces of bananas, followed by honey and essential oil! We blend them until we will have a homogeneous mixture! Add some milk if the mixture is not very liquid! Now your fav mask is ready to apply in your-clean of course- face! Keep it in the fridge for three days!
Find more recipes in the Fresh line book “Μυστικές Συνταγές ομορφιάς” in the book store of your neighbourhood!

Hope you like it as much as we do! Don’t forget to share with us your comments!

Love, The Ponytails. x