All of us need sun protection all day, everyday, all year round.. especially in our island, with an average 326 sunshine days annually!
But who takes care of that? Tans are -no doubt- considered beautiful, so this our main concern.
But did you know that a tan really means? It means damage to our skin is occurred, which may leads to wrinkles, darks spots, skin thinning, and an increased risk of developing skin cancer.. So at the end is it worth it??

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You need to make sure not only that you use Sun protective products, but also that you use the proper ones! We really loved the Fresh Line ‘Hephaestus’ organic collection which offers SPF 30 Face Cream and SPF 30 Body Milk for high protection and SPF 6 Tanning Body Oil or SPF 10 Bronzing Butter for deep tan! Their After Sun Moisturizing & Calming Body Milk could be used after sun exposure not only after burning -as we all think-, to maintain your tan!

Don’t forget that whatever sunscreen you use should be applied at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun and re-applied every 4 to 5 hours, irrespective of its SPF value, to ensure proper protection from the burning sun!


And for those of you you are going for holidays, Fresh Line can gives you travel-sized toiletries to  be au fait with the 100ml liquid rule!

Happy tanning 🙂
Love, The Ponytails. x