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Outfit 1: A wears: Pleated jumpsuit, denim shirt, Sante sneakers from Ermarolla StyleBar, RayBan shades, DKNY bagpack, Intimissimi lace bralet / TV wears Salt and Pepper jeans, Ermarolla StyleBar military shirt and NIKE Jordans Retro Series 5. 

Outfit 2: A wears: ThePonytails’ Series Buffalo cardigan, Tally Weil tank top, Salt and Pepper  jeans, H&M earrings, DKNY bagpack and NIKE Huarache. TV wears Salt and Pepper jeans, Ermarolla StyleBar bagpack, ZARA sheer top, NIKE Jordans Retro Series 5 and ThePonytails’ Series Kangaroo cardigan.

Hey you, out there..
Sooo it’s that time of the year again! This crazy autumn weather has always been driving women all over the world crazy! Too hot for boots and too cold for sandals. The way we do it, we go practical with a bit of an autumn twist!

Ripped jeans; ( we ♡ jeans ) -high or low waisted- matched them up with a simple top and a loose cardigan/shirt to protect yourself from the autumn breeze and at the same time add a bit of glam to your simple outfit. We do have a crush on zip quilots lately, so we highly recommend them either with a plain top or even better when we are talking for zip quilot one-piece.

When it comes to shoes, you know well that we are both big fans of sneakers all year-round, but especially in fall when get sick of wearing sandals and not yet ready for boots. Simple as that.

Waiting for that cold to kick in..

Love, The Ponytails.x