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Find here the perfect mask for your skin type!

If anyone would like to know how it feels to have no free time for yourself… Please feel free to ask us… But even if our daily schedule is busy we always try to find time for our face and body care. So the morning before your fully booked day or the night after an exhausting one is the best could be the chance you were asking for! Anyway a daily hydrating cream and a face wash are must but are not enough to keep our face fresh.

We are so different (even if many believe that we are not) and the skin type is not an exemption! So we have chosen the perfect organic masks according to our skin type. For Andreana’s normal to dry skin we have chosen the nourishing and regenerating Royal facial mask with potato Royal Mask for dark-circles and eye-puffiness! For Thelxia’s normal skin with oily T-zone we have used the Vanilla face peeling for exfoliation and then the antioxidant Vitamin Citrus Mask!

Extra Hint: In Fresh Line all face masks are sold by weight in any desired quantity, allowing the customer to avoid the cost of packaging.

Love, The Ponytails. x