We know; regular exercise and a healthy diet is now part of the lifestyle of most of you ladies. We do know also, that even being thin enough does not satisfy you perfectly, at the points where you can see some fine lines, loose skin, excess fat or cellulite. So do us!

Last week, we had the chance to visit an amazing place – a beauty paradise for women- the MEDI CONCEPT medical aesthetic and wellness center in Nicosia. It is the first time that we are trying any medical fat removal techniques beyond the traditional exercise and we have to confess that we left the place thrilled by the results, even from the very first session. Except from the total relaxation feeling that the whole ‘house’ offered us, we have tried a couple of ‘therapies’ for the face and body.

I (Andreana) have tried a session of CAVITATION at my front legs coupled with RF (Radio frequency skin tightening) for my butt.
The result? 1 centimeter loss on each leg (see attached photo!!!!!!) and smoother and nicer derrière without fine lines (-sorry, i will not post the photo!). For the face, as i don’t have any wrinkle issues i did just a collagen therapy a for hydration, toning and wrinkle prevention.

I (Thelxia) mainly have ‘issue’ with  losing inches from my waist. So the Medi Concept’s team suggested me the VANQUISH treatment. This kind of therapy could be every woman’s fantasy as it is a high tech treatment which quickly and painlessly whittle your waist and flatten your tummy!! Although they insisted that because of my low waist fat i wouldn’t see results from the first session, i lost 3 centimeters (Yes! 3cm!!!).When it comes to the face, i did non-invasive way to achieve healthy, youthful skin without resorting to surgery!

Well, well, we know that after reading the post you will all ‘need’ to try such a technique to your own ‘problematic’ body part; though we suggest to avoid exaggerations and thus body deformations and try the treatments you really need.


The Ponytails. x