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P1030064 P1030076 (2) P1030079 (3)P1030017 (3)A and TV wearing total outfits from Marks and Spencer Cyprus

Almost New Year’s Eve and I know you were all waiting us to post glamorous outfit tips! No, no no! Today, we are wearing our super-comfy casual wear, instead of sequinned maxis, because this is how holiday feels to us!

After a looooong working period, we need those -nothing to do – days, like crazyy! This post ain’t going to make you love fashion… But to count the little things in life… It is now the time to look back and find the things that make you happy and always find time for them… and do it fashionably…

Wishing you all from the bottom of our hearts a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love and peace,
The Ponytails. x