Heyyyy everyone,

hope you are all enjoying these summer-ish days, as we do…

Well, a few days ago, I had to take my brother to the podiatrist to order shoe insoles as he noticed a problem with his feet balance.
After spending some time at the place and a light conversation with Dr.Kirsten, I realised that having a pedicure once a month is not enough..sooooo I decided to try this ‘medical feet cleaning’ right away as my free time almost doesn’t exist :(. I was curious at first but she explained everything!
First thing, she used an exfoliating machine to remove dead skin cells, corns and calluses and all other painful thickenings on my feet (it kinda tickles but it’s worth it :))! After that she proceeded by cutting and filing my toenails and cuticles (even though i had pedi the week before, I couldn’t believe my eyes of all the excess skin she removed!!!!!). At the final step, she used the Simplyfeet HeelBalm cream (I totally recommend it) which made my skin so soft and smooth just like a baby’s! The massage after that was A-M-Azing!!

Generally thinking, our feet are the foundation to the body. A six-centimetre heel causes pressure of seven times your body weight (Oh yes!!!!!), which can actually change the pattern of foot over time. Even in flat shoes, we put a lot of stress on each foot with every kilometre we walk..
Apparently, you can now see why medical foot cleaning isn’t actually a luxury, but a necessary part of our overall skincare routine.

You guys definitely need to try this out ! 🙂


Andreana. x



‘The Podiatry Center’ Limassol

Tel: 25878708