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Did you ever asked your body if it is as healthy as it looks?? You will be surprised how our organs react in each food or drink…We have all changed our lifestyle… By training and eating “clean”, but the most important is to remove toxins from our body… This can be partially achieved by consuming antioxidant foods …. Most of them are fruits and vegetables…

Froutopia makes our lives easier by finding all the antioxidant veggies and fruits and creating super detox juices ready for consumption..anytime! The juices are produced on daily basis in order to keep their vitamins and antioxidant power!

Today we chose fresh spinach-apple-celery-ginger juice that is also super refreshing in these upper hot days! 🙂 This type of juice boosts organism, helping in the procedure of burning fat.

Extra Tip: For better results, drink before lunch.

Lots of kisses,
The Ponytails. x