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Andreana wears cape-dress, Sante shoes and Komono Sunnies all from Ermarolla Style Bars and Bayswater Mulberry bag, Thelxia-Valeria wears chiffon jacket, Sante shoes and Komono Sunnies all from Ermarolla Style Bars

When talking about chiffon, everyone believes that this is truly a spring/summer only fabric. It is true that chiffon doesn’t exactly scream December, but what if it is combined with more winter-y clothes like jeans or leather, or with just the appropriate shoes! We are both all-time fans of chiffon and we truly believe that is as chic and classy as it gets, and thus will remain a closet favorite for years to come. In this post we are posing with our fav chiffon jacket-dress and cape-dress. Try to wear the jacket with a belt to make it more formal (as a dress) or just layer it with other tops,jackets and trousers for a casual look, even with your sneakers. Concerning the cape dress, one of the biggest season trends, we suggest to wear it plain or with your belt in case you are shorter, or just want a sexiest outfit.

Have a blessed week darlings!

The Ponytails. x