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A wearing nude Generation Generous bag (buy online here), jeans shirt and accessories from Ermarolla StyleBar  and Adidas Superstars from Adidas Cyprus • T wearing yellow Generation Generous bag (buy online here), DSquared jeans, knit top from Ermarolla StyleBar and Converse shoes • MUA: Savvina Chayianni

A nude city bag is more than necessity to the modern woman.. But what if our basic, stylish bag helps someone access one basic life need? Well, I guess is the perfect combination.. In our usual walk in the old city of Limassol we posed with our new essential accessory, the Generation Generous bag that matches every outfit and fits almost EVERYTHING inside..
Regarding the charity part? You just have to choose the colour of seams to specify the basic life need will be filled to some fellow people in need..

Love, The Ponytails. x


Nude with blue colour thread: provide 10 schoolchildren in Cambodia with clean drinking water for 1 year
Nude with red colour thread: keep a child healthy for a year
Nude with green colour thread: educate a family in East Timor on nutrition and methods to reduce the incidence and recurrence of malnutrition
Nude with nude colour thread: provide 40 homeless children in India with 1 year of safe shelter in Jhag Children’s Village
Nude with yellow colour thread: provide 30 girls who have fallen victims to human trafficking in India with full 6-month intensive English speaking courses

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