ABSOLUTE MUST DOs in Beirut Lebanon

As it is in our nature, we are grabbing every opportunity we get to turn business into pleasure; it's all about having fun anyway! :)

Soooo this is how it all began..
It was a long day, we were both dead and tired from all the Christmas rush, and we still had a huge check list ahead.
First thing on the list, was our usual business trip to Athens. Lost and surrounded by fabrics, sketches and traces, we were trying to book our
tickets and..snap! There it was! 

There was something about those traces that reminded us of LEBANON! And so we came up with the idea of treating ourselves with a couple of
days of fun and relaxation! LARNACA to BEIRUT - BEIRUT to ATHENS - ATHENS TO LARNAKA BOOKED!

Soooo.. here are the 5 reasons for which we are definitely going back to Beirut:

1. First of all it gives you the opportunity to go skiing in the morning (visiting the amazing Mzaar ski resort in Faraya is a must) and 
   chilling at the beach in the afternoon.
   Extra tip: If you need a ski instructor @elievkhalil is the best (find him on insta)
2. It has one of the most tasty cuisines we ever tried (cheese lovers will understand)
   Extra tip: You must try their shish taouk, falafel, tabbouleh, baklava (it's not greek!!), their traditional Candy floss 
   (Thelxia's fav) and Zaarar pitta with cheese or Nutella (my fav!!!)
3. It has great shisha/nargile everywhere you go!
4. The beautiful 'Souk', a major commercial district in Beirut City Center with over 200 shops and 25 restaurants/cafes.
   Extra tip: Enjoy tax free shopping! Claim the 10% VAT when you leave the country for your over LBP100,00 (around US$100) purchases. 
Last but not least..
5. It is just 55 minutes away from Cyprus.
   Extra tip: Book your tickets early to find cheap tickets (around 150 Euros aller-retour).   


We are waiting for your own Lebanon trip tips, for our next adventure that is definitely not long away.

Kisses, The Ponytails. x