Andreana and Thelxia-Valeria are ‘The Ponytails’ behind this blog.

How it all began?

After finishing our studies in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Public & Business Administration respectively, nothing could keep us away from our common passion.
Our love for fashion and our great desire to design and create, were the reasons behind the birth of the idea of opening our very first boutique. There, in the old city of Limassol we created our tiny little dreamer’s shop, Ermarolla. Two years later, opening another store in the Capital was a must.

On 2013, we started sharing our thoughts for fashion and life in general through this blog. Soon, blogging escalated from a hobby into a profession for us, with a wide range of collaborations with international brands including Fresh Line, ARCANCIL Paris, TOYOTA, Starbucks, Adidas, H&M, LIDL..

Through the years, we realised that the only way we could satisfy our need to feel ourselves in our clothes, was to actually design them! So two years ago we designed our first clothing line, that was available only in our stores. We are now proud to announce that ‘The flower of the desert’ AW17 will be our first ever collection to be sold not only in our stores, but in other boutiques internationally.

The #ponybabes are all women ‘on the go’ out there that know what they want and how to get it. All dreamers and all believers. All the lady bosses and all supermums!

We may be rooted in Cyprus, but our babes are everywhere.

The Ponytails. x

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  1. Karolina February 14, 2013 at 12:24 am Reply

    GO G-I-R-L-S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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